Are You An Entrepreneur Or A Business Owner Who Lacks Consistent Cashflow?

Are You An Entrepreneur Or A Business Owner Who Lacks Consistent Cashflow?

Discover How To Eliminate Feast or Famine, Have Financial Success And Enjoy The Lifestyle You Desire Using The “CORE 5”

– Ron Escoffery, Financial Strategist & Business Coach

Working hard

but have little to show for it?

Sure, you’re stressed.

– big commissions one month, but nothing the next, keeps you on the roller coaster.

It’s not your fault; traditional ways of building wealth are obsolete, making it tough to become financially secure.

Stressed female African American real estate agent
Real Estate agent working from cafe in the weekend

Plus you’re always working,

including almost every weekend.

Yes, you’re good at your job, but don’t have time for the things you and your family really enjoy in life.

You also worry about retirement.

You’re nearing 50, and are beginning to wonder if you’ll ever slow down and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always desired.

Right now, you can’t see how you can afford it.

Worried African American Business Woman

What would life look like

without constant struggle?

Real Estate Agent meeting with clients

IMAGINE smart systems in place, for consistent cashflow.

You and the bills get paid, even when there’s no commissions this month.

IMAGINE peace of mind.

Now armed with the right financial knowledge and strategies, you’re making responsible decisions that naturally build wealth for you and your family.
Relaxed African American in suit
African American real estate agent living a nice lifestyle

IMAGINE having the refined lifestyle you’ve dreamed about.

You’ve learned how to work less, yet achieve more, opening up exciting new options in life.

IMAGINE building a legacy.

You’ll retire when you want, on your own terms, and be confident about your family’s financial stability.
Retired Couple Real Estate Legacy

Stuck and frustrated?

You’re in the right place.

Get ready for an enlightening experience with a trusted advisor that you’ll wish you knew about sooner.
Financial Education and Wealth Building Strategies for Agents
Problem Solving and Profit-Making Strategies for Broker-Owners

Most people just get by financially. This may be your chance to rise above, and achieve true long-term wealth.

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Meet RON

For the last 40 years Ron have been helping the owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams, and changing their personal lives for the better along the way. Nothing beats in the trenches, to get real life experience. I have turned around failing companies as a Consultant, never thought that experience would serve me well in my Mentoring and Consulting business today.

I am a serial entrepreneur and have been in the real estate business since 1982 and the Mentoring and Advisory business all my life.


Yes, financial freedom is within reach.
Take the first step.

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It’s never too late to start building wealth.