Why is it so difficult to recruit, train, and retain productive agents and be a financially successful broker-owner?

Let’s Fix This Problem Together!

Ron Escoffery

Speaker, Advisor, Consultant to Real Estate Broker-Owners.

It’s time to embrace the fact that in the Real Estate Brokerage business, financial success depends on 4 things:

Training & Retaining
Financial Management

The reality...

Financial management doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
Let’s change this.

I'm Ron Escoffery

I am proud to be in this business for the last 40+ years.

First as an Agent, then as a Broker-owner, as an Investor, and now as an Advisor, Mentor, Consultant, and Speaker.

Over the years, I have realized that recruiting and retaining productive agents is the key.

But a culture of support, care, and respect will let agents stay even when they could leave.

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How Is Your Brokerage Performing?

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How To Work With Me?

Invite me to speak at your office meetings, your conferences, or Keynote at your event.

Engage me to work with you in recruiting and training your agents to be more productive.

Let’s work together to make your Brokerage a financial success.

Ron’s Books


5 Easy Steps to a Financially
Secure Retirement

Easy to follow, Real Estate Investment strategies to build a financially secure retirement.


How to Buld a Business that Supports Your Lifestyle

Teaching Entrepreneurs Strategies To Build A Lifestyle Business


Don’t just take my word for it

See what others are saying


Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Life


Whether it is a small networking group or a national conference platform, Ron Escoffery knows how to connect with his audience. The personal life lessons he shares are relatable and empowering. Business owners, professionals, and corporate leaders appreciate his experience-based empathy with the challenges they face.

As a sought-after personal-financial consultant, “Making Money Work for You” is one of his favorite topics. When you listen to Ron you’ll learn, as Ron has, that money and mindset are intimately linked together.

“What Ron is able to do is take a complex topic and simplify it into its most basic elements.”

– Joseph Dixon, Workshop Attendee

A serial entrepreneur and self-employed business owner. In my 70+ years, I have had only two W-2 jobs. I learned a lot from the first and the second launched me into entrepreneurship.

I did not plan on being an entrepreneur, business owner, author, or business coach. My plan was to become financially independent so I could enjoy the lifestyle I desired. After much trial & failure, I asked myself “What am I trying to accomplish through this business?” That is when I realized that any business, I owned must do the following:

  • Live the lifestyle I desire
  • Give me financial independence
  • Inspire my passion
  • Impact African-American business owners’ lives

I knew my destination and where I wanted to go even before I knew what business I would start.

I could say that it is my BA in Business and my MBA in Finance that made me successful, but if the truth be told, while they contributed greatly, being in the trenches, failing, learning, and growing are the real reasons.

Now I spend my days mentoring, coaching, and advising other business owners how to make sound financial and operational decisions which will allow them to enjoy owning a financially successful business. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a remarkable ability to turn businesses around and help them thrive.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment in empowering others.

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