Financial Education and Wealth Building Strategies for Minority Real Estate Agents

Earning high commissions, but not achieving financial independence?

Learn how to live well, and retire well, even with inconsistent income.

Learn why high earnings, regular savings, or advice from the financial ‘gurus’ won’t make you wealthy. You need your own comprehensive plan.

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about your family’s financial future?

Learn important strategies for achievement, for now and through evolving economic conditions.

With trustworthy guidance, advice and problem-solving, Ron Escoffery has empowered other real estate people like you to break out of these 3 common ruts:

1. Inconsistent and Unpredictable Income

Sure it’s hard when the bills come regularly but commissions don’t. With the right plan in place, you’ll learn how to stay on top. We’ll also look at cash flow and spending issues.

2. Not Having a Financial Plan for the Future

Short-term thinking is often the norm, but if you’re here, you’re smart enough to know there’s more to consider. As you’ll see, aiming higher starts with going deeper.

3. Not Knowing the Best Investment Options

From the many possibilities, both financial and in real estate, we’ll narrow down and determine your perfect mix. Then watch as your money truly starts working for you!

The middle class is slowly disappearing. Those who end up on top will be those who achieved financial security through financial education.

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Everything Starts with a Decision

That includes deciding to become financially literate, and to take control of your finances.
The stress of always chasing that next closing is a choice too, but one you’ve outlived.

Earning good commissions doesn’t give you better life options, if you’re not making informed, forward-thinking money decisions. Once you have a solid financial education, everything changes.

Traditional Retirement Planning is Obsolete

That’s especially true for people in our industry. Plus the financial gap for minorities is getting wider and wider. But putting the right systems in place now, and having a plan for later, can bring you the lifestyle you want.

It’s time to truly understand investment options and other passive income possibilities. We’ll start where you are now, determine realistic goals, then create a blueprint to get there.

Ready to build a financial legacy?
It starts with a conversation.

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