Problem Solving and Growth Strategies for Minority Broker-Owners​

You've always been good at selling, but lack the skills to manage cashflow and long term growth?​

Learn the mindset and operating strategies to run a financially successful brokerage.

Your gross commission grows every year, but your cashflow is always tight. This isn’t about selling more – it’s about money management!

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The Top 3

Challenges Minority Broker-Owners Face

Limited by budget or lack of resources? Together, let’s explore high-quality solutions that any brokerage can use to compete with the big, well-resourced brokerages.

Ron Escoffery helps you resolve these 3 challenging issues, just as he’s helped so many others. Ron doesn’t ‘dictate;’ he works with you in a highly helpful process that’s often fun.

1. Achieving Ongoing Profitability

You’ve learned how to sell, but no one showed you how to manage the finances of a brokerage. A new business plan will make it easier to cover monthly bills with unpredictable income.

2. Retaining High-Performing Agents

You invest time in training your people, but when they begin to taste success, they move on to a larger brokerage. Find out how to break out of this frustrating cycle.

3. Staying on Top of Technology

While you may be using last-generation systems, others employ new technologies for a competitive advantage. Explore ways to upgrade and streamline without breaking the bank.

Being a broker-owner can be a financially successful endeavor. Whatever approaches you’ve tried before, this time you’re not just on your own.

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Ready for your business to really gain traction?

Most brokers naturally get caught up in the day-to-day. But together, we’re going to step back and look at your business holistically, in order to develop and execute a strategic plan.

If you’re trying to grow your business, or just tired of being spinning your wheels, your situation is more common than you think. Sometimes, we can only see past mistakes once we’ve successfully scaled up.

What if you could set your brokerage on autopilot?

Whether you have an independent or franchise operation, you’ll discover that you don’t need to be there every day, continually ‘touching’ every aspect of your business.

With a self-managed firm, you could be spending time more doing whatever it is you really want, while building a financial legacy. That won’t happen, though, unless you plan now.

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